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Early July has been set for hairdressers to re-open so we are aiming for this.


We are just waiting for conformation on this date so we can then start taking bookings from our waiting list.


We hope to be starting this by mid June.


Anyone on our waiting list will get a call offering them a time and date with their stylist during the month of July and beyond .


Please read through our salon policy now in place to help reduce the spread of the virus yet allow us to work safely and look after you and the team.



Any client who is experiencing any symptoms of ill health of any kind will not be able to visit us, and must rearrange their appointment in enough time. If you do have an appointment booked and don’t feel well enough to attend please call / text us ASAP to cancel.


We will be able to instantly test your temperature as you walk into the salon with a hand held temperature device. Please be prepared for this.


If you are classed as high risk / have any underlined health issues please follow the government guidelines before making a booking at the salon.


Please come to your appointment alone and not with friends or family who wish to wait for you .


We will not be allowing children to visit the salon at these early stages


The salon has been re-arranged to allow social distancing as much as possible with limited stations to allow space. All the team will have a set chair to work from with strict cleaning procedures after each client.


We will continue our strict cleaning policy throughout the salon and we expect all clients to arrive wearing a mask to keep on during your visit as we will also be wearing them .


We will restrict bookings to a minimum each day to reduce the amount of people in the salon at one time .


Please pay by card if possible or bank transfer is ideal .


Clients are required to wash their hands on arrival and as they leave. We have plenty of hand gel at each station .


We will be using disposable gloves and towels at all times.


Please bring your own drinks / refreshments and take bottles and cups home with you after your visit .


We are unable to allow magazines for reading while you relax on your visit , please bring your own books / magazines you would like to read and do please take them away with you .


The well-being of our team and clients is paramount, if we are advised to restrict even more towards the end of this lock down then please expect more restrictions to be placed .


All the team have taken and passed the BARBICIDE covid 19 certification training course to ensure we are aware of the safety procedures we need to keep you as protected as possible.


We want to stay open and be able to look after you all as normal, hoping our strict measures allow us to carry on and not result in another lockdown , so please respect our policy for your own safety and for ours .


Please arrive on time for your appointment we will greet you at reception and take you straight to your seat. Be ready to follow all the above during your visit and be rest assured we are doing all we can to protect all who visit and work at McQueens.


Thank you for all your support and patience during this time . We are looking forward to welcoming you back to McQueens



Emma Jane Choremi


McQueens Hairdressing Bristol


We are excited to announce we are planning the re- opening of McQueens.

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